Interesting Thing About Soccer

We will start with the greatest soccer players of all times that have entertained us for in the past century:

  • Lev Yashin (Russia). He was always dressed in complete black. His nickname was La Arana Negra. Some say that he saved over 150 penalties in his career. When he died in 1990. he was called “the greatest Russian sportiest of all times”. He was the winner of the European Cup with Russia in 1960.
  • Eusebio (Portugal). The greatest player in the history of Portugal and the greatest one born in Africa (Mosambic). His nickname was Panther. His idol was Pele. In front of Benfica’s stadium there is a bust in his honor. There is even a film about him – His highness – the king. Winner of the European Champion’s Cup with Benfica.
  • Ferenc Puskas (Hungary). In the 84 matches he played for his national team he scored 83 goals. He was a part of the first non-island team to defeat England on their own field in a match that finished 6-3. He won the ECC three times with Real Madrid.
  • Paolo Rossi (Italy). The brightest moment of this man’s career was on the World Cup in 1982. After the Italian team played badly in the first part of the tournament next was the match against Brazil. In this unforgettable match Rossi scored three goals and took Italy to the quarter-finals. In the final he shined and scored a goal against Western Germany. Italy became the world champion.
  • Garrincha (Brazil). Probably the greatest dribbler of all times and the best right wing of his time, even with a shorter left leg. He got his name by a bird that lives in his homeland. World champion in 1958. and 1962.
  • Bobby Charlton (England). He survived the Munich airplane accident in which died 8 Manchester United players. A new team was created in his presence which later in 1968. won the ECC. He was world champion in 1966.
  • Michel Platini (France). He is of Italian descent. He was the best goalscorer of the Italian league three years in a row. After his football career he started working on TV. He was the manager of France and co-president of the WC in France. Winner of the ECC with Juventus, EC with France.
  • Maradona (Argentina). On a class in England he admitted that he scored the goal with his hand in the semi-final of the WC in 1986. On that match he scored one of the most famous goals when he ran over half the field of the opponents team and scored the goal. Two times the most expensive player in the world. World champion in 1986.
  • Johan Cruijff (Netherlands). When he signed a professional contract when he was seventeen he shouted to his mother: “from now on, you will be supported by your son, the greatest soccer player of all times”. He became the most expensive player in the world when Barcelona bought him from Ajax for 922 000 pounds. His wish to become a good manager came true as he won the ECC with Barcelona in 1992. Champion of the ECC with Ajax.
  • Franz Beckenbauer (Germany). His nickname was Cajser, which means king. As a child he played tennis, but his friend made him switch to soccer. First man to win the WC as a player and a manager. First German player to play 100 matches for his country.
  • Pele (Brazil). The only player that won three WC: 1958., 1962., 1970. He played his first match for the Brazil A team with only 16 years. On his farewell match, in front of 200000 people Brazil played against Yugoslavia. He speaks: Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, English and French. He met 15 kings, 6 leaders, 55 prime ministers and 80 presidents. His full name is Edson Arantes Do Nacimento Pele.